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Here is my home wiki page.

This is a descriptive page where I set out a summary of what can be found here on my wiki, and what my current development plans are. Hopefully that is useful to me and to others, to check on where I have got to.

I intend to transfer to this wiki all my documentation on the CHOICE System.

Then there are my own writings – journal entries, reflections, musings – for the record, to be put out there but not intended for collaborative editing.

These will be either a dated entry or one of the terms I use. My intention at present is to use categories equally as short definitional entries about what I mean by a certain term. Thus, whenever I define a term that is significant in my writings, it is also available as a kind of category. Thus I won't be using category pages as MediaWiki does. The term for a concept names a category, and a category name is the term for a concept. What ‘belongs’ to a category can be found by looking at the backlinks from the page of the term for that category concept.

I will be wanting to share different things for collaboration with different people, so I will put them under different

New entries:

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