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Information for potential business partners or collaborators

I believe it is in all our clients' interests if we do only what we are best at, and pass on other work to suppliers with more expertise. If you would rather concentrate on your core competencies, I would be happy to consider mutual arrangements. If you refer clients in North-West England to me for independent advice or consultancy, I will keep you on the list to whom I refer my clients when they need other services which are not part of my core competence. In order to maintain my independence, I will not enter into any reseller arrangements, so you or your agents will get the full benefit of the referral.

To be able to recommend another service provider or supplier, I will need to understand exactly what your core business is, what your standards and business ethics are. If you have a track record of clients, it is important not only to know what kind of businesses they are, but also how satisfied they were with your services. If you have started only recently and do not have a long client list, I am happy to try out a relationship based on meeting and discussing how collaboration would work.

I am always open to being approached by people who are interested in collaborative work, on the basis of mutual respect where there are different areas of expertise, or possibly for professional development where one's expertise is greater then the other. It would be helpful if you to send me a personal CV or business profile, along with some indicators of individual style or corporate culture, and we can consider a reciprocal arrangement.

My personal style

This is in addition to my business CV.

Individual style
"Plant" on Belbin's scale (plus some monitor-evaluator).
INTJ on Myers-Briggs (or Kiersey).
Management style
I expect people working with me to communicate openly and fully about their work. I combine a strong focus on knowing what is going on with a preference for giving people freedom and responsibility wherever this is possible, as long as the communication remains excellent. I am a challenging person to work with, and I expect people to work to the same high standards that I have, not least in business ethics. Also I expect collaborators to be wholehearted and committed in their approach.
Personal preferences
I like solving real problems and making a significant positive difference to the way work is carried out. I enjoy creative construction of conceptual systems that are well-adapted to the problems they are designed to solve.

Discussion of worthwhile work is invited at any time. E-mail me with ideas or prospects.

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