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INST terms and conditions

Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights, including copyright, connected with advisory, consultancy, training, reports or other work, remain with Simon Grant unless agreed otherwise in writing. This applies in particular to ideas discussed during preliminary negotiations, which are commercially confidential and may not be used for business without the written agreement of Simon Grant, and payment or other consideration being received for them.

As a guide to normal practice and what would be in a written agreement, intellectual property rights specifically related to work done exclusively for the client would normally be transferred to the client on payment for completion of the work, while rights to all reusable, general, or generic work would normally remain with Simon Grant.

Payment terms

An invoice will be issued either on completion of the work, or at another agreed time. Any payments and fees agreed are payable on receipt of the invoice. Clients who have not paid in full one month after the receipt of the invoice will be charged an additional 2% of the current bill for each month overdue. (Fortunately this condition has yet to be invoked!)


INST provides consultancy advice and opinion always in good faith and in the informed belief that the advice or recommendations given are in the best interests of the client. However, clients must make careful note that in new fields such as e-business, e-commerce, and Internet ICT, outcomes are not reliably predictable, and any actions taken by clients are therefore at the client's risk. In particular, most systems rely on human involvement and it is not possible to guarantee the human aspect of systems. If any client wishes to have any guarantees of particular outcomes we would have to negotiate a special written agreement which goes beyond our normal terms and conditions.

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