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This unit is from Skillset, the Sector Skills Council for the Audio Visual Industries. The pdf file defining this unit can be found at

This example is intended to be as straightforward as possible.

The unit file

E1.xml is an XML file describing the essentials of the unit, but without the statements, which are listed separately. This file is in RDCEO format. In the description element, a CDATA section has been used, to allow markup to be given, preserving the structure of the documentary materials. Having markup not in a CDATA section within an RDCEO description element may not validate against the RDCEO schema, unless the schema were to allow a subset of XHTML.

The "langstring" construct allows variants in several languages to be put together.

Within the metadata, the rdf section has the equivalent of two triples: one that notes that this is a Unit, not any other type of thing; and one that gives the URI of the relationships file, through which one can find the related statements. This second relationship uses rdfs:seeAlso.

Statement files

KSc.xml is mentioned in the architecture report

KSi.xml includes some formatting

PS3.xml is mentioned in the architecture report

PS4.xml is mentioned in the analysis report

Relationships file

rel.rdf holds the relationships in RDF/XML format.

Skills for Health MH_40

This is a reworking of the original MH_40 unit. It can also be seen as a PDF file.

This explores what can be done in XHTML with RDFa. The example is being developed in the following way.

  1. The html is taken from the Skills for Health web site.
  2. It is modified to make the markup clearer and more suitable XHTML.
  3. RDFa is gradually added.

So here is

  1. the XHTML/RDFa unit example under development
  2. a single example XHTML/RDFa statement
  3. the rdf extracted from the unit
  4. the rdf extracted from the statement
  5. the triples resulting from the unit
  6. the triples resulting from the statement
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