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Occupational Skills & Standards

Definitions of National Occupational Standards

from the QCA
on the ukstandards site
from a consultancy

UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES)

UKCES home page
Guidance for Sector Skills Councils
List of SSCs

Occupational Standards Directory: ukstandards

Occupational standards directory
Occupational standards directory - into database

Skills for Health

Skills for Health home page
Understanding Competences
This is a useful (flash) guide to the use of competences.
Skills for Health completed frameworks
also a useful section on how National Occupational Standards can be used.
NHS Knowledge & Skills Framework

Skillset - the Sector Skills Council for the Audio Visual Industries

Home page
Skillset's National Occupational Standards
Lantra (shares some standards)

Qualifications and Curriculum Authority

QCA home page

Awarding bodies

Awarding bodies - England
Awarding bodies - Scotland - SQA
see this page deep inside



IMS RDCEO - the precursor to RCD


HR-XML's main site - materials downloadable but not directly on site
The competency schema has a "UserArea" where you can put anything.
HR-XML's relevant schemas

Topic Maps

RDF and the Semantic Web

Some ideas about equivalence, including mention of RDFa

Introductory materials & presentations

rdf:about (Joshua Tauberer)
An Introduction to RDF (Ian Davis)
Tutorial on Semantic Web Technologies (W3C - Ivan Herman)
Introduction to the Semantic Web
State of the Semantic Web
Wikipedia entry
An introduction from 2001 - a bit old
A different style of reference/tutorial

W3C introductory and reference materials
Closely related: Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language

RDFa - embedding RDF information in XHTML

A good starting page
RDFa primer (W3C)
RDFa syntax and processing (W3C)
older version of RDF/A syntax (W3C)
RDFa extractors: first is newer may now be inaccurate
Bob DuCharme's introduction which goes along with another excellent article of his called Put XHTML 2 to work now.
W3C validator for checking XHTML conformance


FOAF home page
FOAF vocabulary spec

Sources of relationship vocabulary

Dublin Core

Work related to skills/competence

Previous work by Simon Grant

TEN Competence Manchester paper, 2007
TEN Competence Sofia paper, 2006
XCRI competencies paper
Skills Profiling Web Service project (2004-2005)

Work by others

L3S paper "A Model for Competence Gap Analysis"
as presented at WebIST 2007 Conference, Barcelona.
Andreas Schmidt's Competence Ontology


XCRI - eXchanging Course Related Information
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