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A unit is a set of separately defined abilities (knowledge, skills, aptitudes, competences, competencies) which belong together. A good rationale for the size of a unit would be that it is the smallest group of abilities which are usually required together. This would mean that the requirements of any relevant job could be effectively and efficiently described by a suitable combination of units.

For the purposes of National Occupational Standards, as well as other material and possible structure, a unit contains statements intended to define occupational competence in a specific domain. These statements are often thought of as performance statements, which list what someone has to be able to do, and knowledge statements, which specify the knowledge which is expected to underlie the performance.


A statement indicates an ability which can be directly assessed in a single operation. In National Occupational Standards, statements are the components of units.


The immediate context of a statement in National Occupational Standards and similar documentation is any heading text that refers to the statement, together with any text that introduces the statement. The text should appear in the same order as in the actual documentation.

KSF Dimension

KSF Level

These refer to the NHS's Knowledge & Skills Framework, where definitions are implicit. Note that level is secondary to dimension.


There are various different regimes under which skill or competency standards can be produced. One of them is the National Occupational Standards administered by the Sector Skills Development Agency.

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