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Here are some papers relevant to the business and services of INST.

North-West England Regional Strategy
Written in August 1999 as an individual commentary, it highlights the opportunities for using ICT as a major regional integrating force, and the need for regional bodies to co-ordinate their information strategies.
Communities and the Internet
Written in September 1999, this paper looks at how the Internet can help local e-commerce, skills, and community development.
E-commerce for small businesses
Written over the summer of 1999 for the IeC'99 conference in November, this looks at the different stages that small businesses go through towards e-commerce, and the implications for analysis.
Lessons for e-microbusiness support
Written in March 2001, as a result of a month of giving advice to small businesses in Merseyside funded by UKOnlineforbusiness.
E-portfolio systems supporting learning and Personal Development Planning
Given at the ePortfolio conference in La Rochelle, October 2004, this expresses much of my background in the e-portfolio world.
Clear e-portfolio definitions: a prerequisite for effective interoperability
Given at the ePortfolio conference in Cambridge, October 2005, this I explain one of the key challenges at present facing the e-portfolio domain.

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