Simon Grant's eCOTOOL publications

The eCOTOOL project ran officially from December 2009 to November 2011 (with a small overrun). The outputs here are effectively as at the end of the project, with small updates e.g. to correct links that subsequently moved.

For official versions of the outputs, complete with the full administrative details as presented in the deliverables, please see the project website.

The eCOTOOL Competence Model
This is effectively eCOTOOL's deliverable 1.4. It sets out a "high-level" model through easily-understood forms, and a more detailed "technical" model suitable for development into interoperability specifications. Links were checked and updated in 2015.
PDF file, "Refinement and Optimization of adapted eco-tools"
This is the eCOTOOL's deliverable 3.5, minus some of the adminstrative detail. It contains tree-structured application profiles both for the Europass Certificate Supplement (ECS), and for an individual competence definition. It also contains XSDs and example conforming XML. These are also presented separately here:

Please note that the competence modelling work was provisional, and was directly taken up, refined and extended in the InLOC project, Integrating Learning Outcomes and Competences.