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I would like to acknowledge the help of many people during my study. At YARD: Peter Mason, for helping to supervise me, providing resources and subjects, and offering direction and penetrating criticism; Brian Sherwood-Jones, for passing me many leads, discussing human factors points, and helping to set up the project in the first place; Martin Stafford, for piloting me in nautical ways; Douglas Blane and David Barrie, for providing vital information about the simulations; and Bob Leiser, Sue Mellows and numerous others for particular help, advice or discussion.

At the Turing Institute: Michael Bain, for helping me get started on C, and bicycle simulation, as well as numerous helpful discussions; Robin Boswell, for fixing my problems with his rule-induction programs, and implementing many of my suggestions; Eddie Grant, for useful feedback; Professor Donald Michie, for supervising some of my work; and all the members of the Machine Learning Group, particularly Peter Clark, Stephen Muggleton and Jonathan Shapiro, for contributing interest and help on many occasions.

At the Scottish HCI Centre: Terry Mayes (now at Heriot-Watt University), for supervising me in a concerned way, despite the little time he had available; George Weir, for giving me many pointers, particularly in the area of HCI and complex systems literature; Christina Knussen, for commenting and making connections on and off the subject, and many others, particularly Marius Bergan, both for discussion and the routine mutual aid that is almost indispensable in environments centred round computers.

Thanks are due also to several researchers and staff at other organisations that I visited in the initial stages of the study: David Lewis and others, of Glasgow College of Nautical Studies; Captain John Habberley and others, of The College of Maritime Studies, Warsash (Southampton Institute of Higher Education); Frans Coenen and others, of Liverpool Polytechnic Department of Maritime Studies; and Grahame Blackwell and others, of Plymouth Polytechnic (now Polytechnic South West) Ship Control Group.

I have also benefited from many discussions with members of the wider HCI academic community. I would particularly like to thank Paul Booth for detailed discussion and encouragement in the area of mental modelling techniques. Thanks also to Jon Mortimer and others at Bristol Polytechnic, where I had a chance to develop some of my ideas before this study commenced.

And I would like to thank the subjects who provided me with the experimental data that I regard as so important.

The study was funded, under a “CASE” studentship, by the Science and Engineering Research Council, and YARD Ltd., Glasgow.