Representing defining and using ability competency and similar concepts

Qualification and assessment

An ability (including skill, competence, competency, etc.) can often be assessed, and some assessments lead to qualifications, which are often taken as evidence for abilities. It may be useful to sketch out a personal view on the relationships between these concepts.

What is a qualification?

For the European Learner Mobility work, I suggested this definition for qualification:
status awarded by a provider to a learner, meaningful within a system of education and within the society in which that system is embedded.

What is an assessment?

Other issues

Ability, assessment and level
The relationship between these is still very much an open question. However, on deeper consideration, the relationships of satisfaction and contribution (see technicalities) belong, not to ability definitions as such, but to the results of assessements, which may be levels.
Ability as substantive v ability heading as tag
Some ability headings are not really assessable as such. These may be functioning not as abilities proper, but as categories or headings for types of ability. The main drawback here is that there is no generally applicable or agreed typology for abilities.

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