Representing defining and using ability competency and similar concepts

Related work

My work

The idea of representing ability definitions using XHTML and RDFa (as described in the technicalities) occurred while working (around 2007) with the (then) Greater Manchester Strategic Alliance on the JISC-funded ioNW2 project. See the index for my ioNW2 work and links from there.

In that work I describe the structure of UK National Occupational Standards (NOS), created by the UK's Sector Skills Councils, which were the responsibility of the UK Commission for Employment and Skills. NOSs appear to be some of the best-defined abilities there are, and go on to explain how neither HR-XML nor IEEE RCD / IMS RDCEO are fully adequate for representing these NOS definitions. I then detail, with an example, how this could be done with RDFa in XHTML.

I have written on the issue of needing to interrelate ability definitions in papers presented at TENComptence project meetings: this paper written for the TEN Competence workshop in Sofia, 2006 and this paper written for the TEN Competence workshop in Manchester, 2007. This is related to this short paper on competencies for the XCRI project.

Other work

There is plenty of other work available through other projects related to competence or competency. The ones I happen to know about include the following.