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These papers or essays are published on my own initiative, and are not necessarily endorsed, refereed, or validated by anyone else.

New, by year


Types of thing: an upper ontology started 2009-10.
This is an outline of a simple upper ontology intended to clarify the content of conceptual maps. The top concepts are: material reality; patterns; expressions.
Ability: from 2008-12
A set of pages exploring the concepts of ability, etc.
Identity: from 2007-04
This is a set of pages intended to evolve to represent my current thinking on identity.
e-portfolio terms: around 2006
A set of terms and definitions for e-portfolios.

Older, business related

North-West England Regional Strategy 1999-08
An individual commentary, it highlights the opportunities for using ICT as a major regional integrating force, and the need for regional bodies to co-ordinate their information strategies.
Communities and the Internet 1999-09
Looks at how the Internet can help local e-commerce, skills, and community development.
Lessons for e-microbusiness support 2001-03
The product of a month of giving advice to small businesses in Merseyside funded by UKOnlineforbusiness.


Internet-enabled outreach 2001-08
Written to accompany a talk at Britain Yearly Meeting, this discusses how to use the Internet in the process of attracting and communicating with people new to the Quaker approach.


E-peace: cutting the costs of conflict 2001-11
A new line of thought drawing together how to tackle vandalism and terrorism.
Information and Technology Serving Human Development 2004 onwards
Outline of a future book.

Concept maps

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