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Lessons for e-microbusiness support
Written in March 2001, as a result of a month of giving advice to small businesses in Merseyside funded by UKOnlineforbusiness.
E-commerce for small businesses.
This paper appeared in the conference proceedings of Innovations in Electronic Commerce, 1999.

These and other papers are listed in the papers index.

Past presentations

E-business for SMEs
Slides from a talk given to the Institute of Business Advisers, 2000-03-15
Starting in e-commerce: the way forward.
This old material was for the fourth and final start-up session for the conference, Innovation through Electronic Commerce, Manchester, 1999-11-02. It has been left here unaltered, except for the updating of links where possible, to give a sense of where things were at the end of 1999. Please to not use it as current information.
E-commerce for small businesses: slides for a talk.
This is the material for a presentation of my academic paper in the same conference 1999-11-03.
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