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I live with my wife Anna Grant (at AlphaPlus since August 2009), our daughter Elsa (b. 2006), and some of the time my daughter Eve (b. 2000). Our most recent move was in Sept 2013, from New Mills to Lancaster Cohousing.

E-mail: (any change here)
phone: (+44) (0)7710031657
skype: asimong
twitter: @asimong

I work half time with the Institute for Educational Cybernetics in the University of Bolton, mostly for CETIS, where I blog for work. When not at Bolton or at meetings, I will be at Halton Mill, either "wfh" for CETIS, or on other projects, such as re-co-venturing.

From 2011 to 2013 I led a European Expert team in the InLOC project, towards a standard representation of structures of skills, learning outcomes, and competence. My interests are developing from e-portfolio technology and InLOC, towards technology to support people's development into the collaborative or sharing economy. I'm experienced both in the technical side of web systems, interoperability, and conceptual models, and in the human side of communities of practice. I find satisfaction from bringing rich, complex and novel ideas from myself and others together, for practical applications and durable consensus.

My book "Electronic Portfolios: Personal information, personal development and personal values" was published in 2009. I'd be happy to introduce it to anyone.

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